The Importance of Dwellings




Author: Mark de Reus, Partner

The design of personal residences is close to my heart for many reasons: first, the home is a dwelling and, as such, a sanctuary for family life. Ideally, a home is a calm refuge in a chaotic world.

Second, the close collaboration with the client during the early stages of the design process is one of my greatest pleasures. This is the pivotal point when the artistic vision coalesces and the design takes tangible form.

Unlike the case with many other building types, the client is the end user. There is no intermediary between architect and homeowner, so the communication is direct and the relationship is intimate.

At the scale of a house, the first principles of design are brought into focus quite succinctly: the circumstance, the client’s expectations and program, the tradition that will inform the architecture, and our passion for natural materials and craftsmanship.

Tropical residences are designed to take maximum advantage of natural elements, so the homeowners can benefit from and enjoy the climate, the setting, and their ensuing lifestyle.

With a direct connection with nature, there is a plethora of opportunities for the architect to support the experience of sanctuary and solace, harmony and contentment.

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