The Firm

Handcrafting private resorts and residences with a profound appreciation for the factors that have shaped their location is the philosophical cornerstone of our practice.


Our search is for the artistic expression of nature, culture, structure and purpose… and the experience of wholeness that comes from their integration.

We design around the needs and the dreams of our clients. Our work doesn’t have a signature style because it evolves from the particulars of place and person. Still, there are some common aims that guide our approach:

  • Attaining a quality of permanence through natural materials and elegant craftsmanship;
  • Infusing structures and environments with comfort, livability, and appropriate scale;
  • Maintaining a sense of order while allowing elements of surprise to emerge from honest problem solving;
  • Designing environments that are timeless but not traditional, innovative but not trendy.

The synergy between resort and residential work in our firm has created a strong connection with both homeowners and developers. We are familiar with the lifestyle expectations of the resort residence buyer; and we understand the operational needs of hospitality projects and the hoteliers who run them.