In Mark de Reus’ book, Tropical Experience: Architecture + Design, you can explore the inspiration behind tradition-based design innovation, read provocative project storylines, and enjoy photographs of some of the firm’s most prominent work.

Tropical Experience: Architecture + Design

Tropical Experience: Architecture + Design

Mark de Reus  |  2011

Our search is for the artistic expression of the entire environment — where site, buildings and landscape evolve together. Being “true to place,” an architectural theory of balancing nature and holistic design, is a philosophical cornerstone of our practice and the subject of this book.

We design for the needs of our clients, the places they will live and the spirit that brings them together. Our work doesn’t have signature style, it evolves from the circumstances particular to each site and our collaborative approach with each client.

Working to articulate responsible design solutions, we employ a rich mix of talented professionals aligned around a common vision. We believe that good design has respect for tradition while being evolutionary and adaptive. Increasingly, we integrate strategic sustainable systems as we seek the fine balance that bridges the demands of a rapidly expanding, fast-paced world with time-honored principles.

Tropical Experience: Architecture + Design features design stories, sketches, watercolors and photography — as well as sources of inspiration. Available at Amazon.