Sanctuary Bay


Anchoring the planned development with a marina village, the property’s rich experiential variety includes a private off-shore island, a savannah preserve, an eco-mountain preserve, and coastal and river views.






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Sanctuary Bay


On the Boards

Seeking our expertise in developing concepts for one-of-a-kind resort properties, the owner of this 14,000-acre coastal land holding engaged us to create an exemplary development for the emerging resort market in Belize.

Sustainable planning goals included integrating the needs of the host community and the guest community to achieve the creation of a viable “place,” where outside buyers co-exist with locals.

Architecturally, our objective was to create signature designs embracing both contemporary and traditional sensibilities, integrating current lifestyles and the expectations of resort living. Using this as a direction, an enduring sense of place was developed for the resort.

The program included land set aside for agrarian uses; a marina village with a 30-key hotel, a yacht club, and various residential options within the village such as Mews Cottages, single family residences, and stacked flats; an off-shore Caye Lodge with bungalow guestrooms (11 keys); a Beach Hotel with bungalow guestrooms (21 keys); River Bungalows (5 keys); an Eco-Lodge in the mountain preserve; single-family prototype designs adaptable for the variety of for-sale lots within the property; and an equestrian center with large-parcel estate lots. A private airstrip was planned to add convenient access for private aircraft from Belize City.

de Reus Architects - luxury resort Sanctuary Bay hotel
de Reus Architects - luxury resort Sanctuary Bay hut
de Reus Architects - luxury resort Sanctuary Bay bungalow