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Oct 2012|News from de Reus

Luxury Travel Magazine reviews Tropical Experience: Architecture + Design

A beautiful coffee table book for lovers of the tropics, architecture and design. Many of the properties showcased in Tropical Experience: Architecture + Design have graced the pages of top luxury publications including Architectural Digest and Robb Report.Through a series of essays, historical explorations, sketches, and photographs, Tropical Experience: Architecture + Design by Mark de Reus, Principal of Hawaii’s award-winning de Reus Architects, introduces the humanistic experience of buildings and homes, as well as the intricate interdependence of nature and human activity in the creative design process.Along with practical and aesthetic considerations, the book also includes an exploration of ancient villages in Tenganan, Bali, and Katsura Village in Kyoto, Japan. These narratives shed light on the influences and considerations behind de Reus’s enduring design philosophy meant to create a harmonic living environment from the circumstances of these locations.

The projects showcased in Tropical Experience: Architecture + Design exhibit design elements that contribute to a meaningful and rich experience of a building, landscape, or community. According to de Reus, “Our design process is not mere abstract novelty, but is infused with a relevant contemporary context, which bridges the demands of a fast-paced world with time-honored principles.”

Renowned critic and design theorist, Joseph Giovanni says “In his goal of keeping the architecture quiet, blending buildings into their natural settings, Mark not only synthesizes indigenous traditions but also realizes them with sophisticated engineering, skilled craftsmanship, gumshoe research, and insightful vision. Arguably, Mark de Reus improves on nature.”

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