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“Through the evolution of design, we strive for a built environment that evokes inspiration and an emotional response.”

John Rowland

John Rowland

Senior Associate

Heading the de Reus Architects Sun Valley office, John Rowland has a passion for finding design solutions through the process of innovative problem solving, taking into account both the big picture and the details. He believes in the expressive nature of materials and their influence on the layout and details of a project.

John has over 13 years of experience managing residential and resort projects including the schematic design phase of the Makena Hotel conversion. John is a methodical team-building leader who is particularly effective at keeping the larger design issues in focus while coordinating the internal and consultant teams.

Adept at creating well-conceived architectural details, he does so while working within approved budgets. John has been involved in many of the firm’s most notable projects, including the Kaupulehu Beach Club, the Kukio Golf Club, and numerous significant private residences.

John joined the firm in 2005 and received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in architecture from the University of Idaho.

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